Voyage For Change | A journey of children for more sustainable world
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“Coup de Cœur” Award
Heart of the Jury.
At, 4th Positive Cinema Week,
Cannes 2019.
(out of competition)

About Us

Why Voyage for Change?

So many times we ask ourselves “Why Voyage for Change?” and the answer is always “if not now, then it will be too late”. Let us be fully aware that we are in the middle of a ‘sixth mass extinction’ because of climate change and perhaps we now (in 2020) have a deadline of 12 years to pull things back or else we will perish as a civilization and with us, countless other life forms. For decades we have known about this “impending crisis” and chose to look the other way. But, now there is a collective awakening of children in the world. We believe that for the first time in the history of human civilization children are having to strike and march all over the world to protect their future and the future of all life on Earth. “Voyage for Change” is part of this collective movement of children. Our motive is being the voice of this collective ‘rise in consciousness’ of children across the world. “Voyage for Change” is not merely a film but also a film-activism movement, which aspires to transform the prevailing narrative from “the future is in crisis” to “the future of hope”.

Planting a ‘seed of change’

There are two kinds of journeys for our young voyagers. The more obvious ones are the physical journeys in which the children travel to the locations where the change-maker or expert is, and the second and rather more important journey is the internal journey of transformation. The internal journey is viewed as a shift in the conscious and subconscious minds of the voyagers. We believe that through “Voyage for Change” we are planting a “seed of change” in the minds of young voyagers and ultimately the viewers.


The core idea of “Voyage for Change” is mobilizing, channelizing and utilizing the higher emotional quotient of children to inspire humanity.

Interconnections of all positive movements

We embarked on this fantastic journey in 2018 and hope to continue till we feel that we are no longer needed. With an understanding that it is a long “struggle for change” we intend to keep making films to bring the urgent attention of the world towards the crisis we are in. Based on the unique perspective of looking at the world “through the eyes of children” we hope to inspire a collective positive action towards saving the planet. We feel that sharing ideas through the medium of cinema is a very important action. “Voyage for Change” will continue supporting the voice of various wonderfully existing “journeys of change”. As a platform and a collective film movement we believe in the importance of intersectionality and interconnectedness of all positive struggles of change across the world. The interconnection of positive ideas and movement is the key aspect of our approach and narrative of the films. In our films, we hope to repeatedly remind the audience that all the issues are connected and we cannot be selective about our support towards them.



The narrative of this film captures an amalgamation of three main elements i.e. first the question and answer session with the experts, secondly the inner conversation (voice) of the children shared as a conversation with the director, and thirdly, the narrative voice of a “universal inner child” threading the entire film together as one collective story of change.


The pieces of this broken world are many. Through this “Voyage for Change” our young voyagers shall find solutions and become the change agents to make Earth whole again.

Zoe Williams


Atharv Priyansh


Juliette Assman


Siyona Singh


Nicolas Ernandes


Avi Mandawewala


Aidan Davies


Vishal Kumar & Neha Kumari


Tyler Keating


Jace Edgerton


Hakuto Tomonari


Relli Kondo


Alaina Montgomery


Gao Amaryllis


Bode McCaughey


River McCaughey




We have a collective responsibility to minimise our negative impact on the environment and to work towards stronger solidarity among the inhabitants of our shared planet. We have to be aware of the urgency and take action for a more sustainable world. The spirit of the “Voyage for Change” initiative is to make the Kids aware of alternative ways of living to avoid global catastrophes.” – Didier Bonnet
Through storytelling I meet myself and the child inside me. The challenge of keeping the inner child alive in this highly preconditioned world is what keeps me motivated to tell stories through cinema. Cinema for me is a powerful tool to serve and protect the principles’ love, equity and peace of our collective humanity. My strong belief is that “Voyage for Change” is one more step in my life as a visual storyteller, towards leaving a positive impact on mass consciousness of our civilization. – Meghatithi


Co-Founder & Co-Author, Film Director & Script

Didier Bonnet

Original Concept, Co-Founder & Co-Author, Executive Producer


These creative minds interacted with the minds and hearts of the young “Voyagers” to give an authentic voice and expression to the “child’s vision” of this broken world, and captured the experience on this voyage through their ingenious working skills.

Didier Bonnet

Producer & Executive Producer


Director, Co-Producer & Script

Ishaan Chawla

Director of Photography

Surjeet Bakshi

Editor & Sound Design




Script & Animation Supervisor

Gary Olivier


Tritha Sinha

Background Score & Music

Tarun Wadhwa

Camera Unit-2, Creative Campion Visualizer

Lohit Bhalla (Depot Records)

Sound Mixing

Bastien Planchenault

Sound Recording

Neha Sharma

Line Producer

Gabriel Rousseau

Chief Assistant Director

Anand Holla

Script consultant

Ashna Joseph

Creative Campaign Artwork & Social Media Strategist

Ankur Dobriyal

Music & Lyrics

Victor Loeillet

Sound Recording

Abhishek Singh

Sound Mixing

Alix Makhloufi

Camera, FRANCE

Olivier Roux

Camera, FRANCE

Bala Kannan

Direction team, USA

Srijan Nandan

Script & Post production Supervisor, INDIA

Natraj Kadamanchi

Camera, USA

Frédéric Flouret


Patrice Desenne

Consulting Supervisor, FRANCE

William Busy

Camera, France


Our voyage would not have sustained without the support of these extraordinary individuals. We call them guardians because we believe that they have been our selfless protectors and supporters making this collective dream of “Voyage for Change” come true.
  • France

    • Carlos Moreno
    • Patrice Desenne
    • Frédérique Bonnet
    • Marie-Amélie Serre
    • All the parents of the children

  • India

    • Vijay Sharma
    • Chetna Sharma
    • Mimansak
    • Deepa
    • Patanjali Jha
    • Parents of the children

  • Japan

    • Andreas Schneider
    • Alain Marinos
    • Marie-Amélie Serre
    • Parents of the children


Along the way we faced many challenges which we overcame through the strong bonds of friendship which were forged and while all this was happening we had lots of fun too.

Contact Us

If you wish to find out more about our campaign and the film please feel free to contact us. We will reply as soon as we can.

113 rue du chemin vert – 75011 PARIS – France


113 rue du chemin vert – 75011 PARIS – France


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